Monday, August 15, 2011

Baptism Brownies

1. Prepare a cookie sheet of brownies from any 2 box mixes of your liking. (I usually use the Costco Ghiradelli brownies)

2. Cool brownies completely then mix together middle layer and spread on top:

½ C. Butter
4 T. Milk
1 ½ t. Peppermint extract
4+ C. Powdered sugar
Green food coloring

3. Refrigerate until cool then spread final layer :
8 T. Melted Butter
8 oz. Semi-sweet chocolate chips

4. Refrigerate until chocolate is set and cut.

o This recipe freezes well.
o The original recipe calls for making brownies from scratch.
(Way too complicated because that’s not the part that
people care about.)
o I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love these! (Unless they
couldn’t eat them due to dietary restrictions.) This is a foolproof recipe!


Brian, Jami, Paige, Austin and Bryn said...

These recipes look so yummy!! Hey, I emailed you but just in case you don't get it, I am needing your address. I finally finished your "Pay it Forward" handmade gift and I'm wanting to send it to you either tomorrow or early next week. My email is jamus22 at hotmail dot com.

Julie T said...

This is always everyone's favorite dessert at a party and can be cut long and narrow so you can have at least two or three!!